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          What is the role of electric wheelbarrows?
          Publication date:2017-04-21 13:24:12
          As a new thing in recent years, the electric wheelbarrow is very small and flexible, it is through the automatic balance device to a wheel. As long as the two feet on both sides, you can move forward. And electric wheelbarrow mass base, through the good, more likely to form a circle of culture, which will be a great development in the next two years the space industry, and even far more than the current smart hardware. Then the electric wheelbarrow is by virtue of what role has been the favor of consumers? This is inseparable from the following points:
          1. exercise cerebellum, enhance physical fitness
          Long-term riding electric wheelbarrow can exercise cerebellar balance and nerve response ability, so that the body of the joints to get comprehensive exercise, enhance the body flexibility, skills.
          2. Small footprint, easy to carry
          Electric wheelbarrow light weight and portable design, in any case with the mention with the release, wheel design, saving space, covers an area of only about 1/3 of the car tires.
          3. fashion leisure, sports trends
          Electric wheelbarrow movement set shock, insurance, odd, clever, beauty in one, there is a strong skill and performance, so that you enjoy the eyes of others to meet the sense of self-confidence, pride, a sense of accomplishment.

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